An Easy Step-By-Step Guide To Copywriting in 2020

Hello, my beautiful readers! Isn't it a great day.

Well, let's make it a GREAT-GREAT day.

Let me ask you something--Do you want to be a great writer ? Do you want to know how people out there are making Millions by just writing.

If YES, then this guide is for you. You will love the practical & actionable techniques shown in this guide.

So, let's get started.


basics of copywriting
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basics of copywriting

What Is Copywriting?

The ability to use the written word to sell something or to persuade someone to take an action.

In layman's terms, " The art of selling something by writing" is known as copywriting".

Why Should I Care?

Does Copywriting really matter?

Is copywriting important? Why should I care?

How can this help me in my business?

These are some of the questions that might arise in your mind while reading this article. So, let me clarify it first.

If you are writing a marketing copy, just think about the reader. He is bombarded by thousands of marketing messages every day.

And the next morning you send him yours. Poor Guy!

According to a survey--About 306 billion emails are sent and received everyday. Yes! that's a "B".

statista survey of how many emails are sent every day

Do you know the average click through rate (CTR) for banner ads is only 0.35%. Which means only 35 people are going to click in 10,000.

Why the failure?

Well, the only reason for that is the lack of consumer interaction.

Getting ignored is easy. Getting noticed is harder, but it is possible by a weapon called 'COPYWRITING'.

According to a survey, consumers respond well to a good advertisement. The most essential skill needed to create a tasty advertisement is 'copywriting'.

Ah! I used the word tasty because I love eating. Right Now I am dreaming about a Hamburger which I am going to eat soon after completing this blogpost.

Anyways, let's continue.

The benefits from copywriting doesn't end here. Some more benefits you can get from becoming good at copywriting are:

  • Gently encourage people to act NOW
  • Get high conversion rates
  • Create better video scripts
  • Sell more products and services
  • Understand your customer’s needs and wants
  • Ethical persuasion methods
  • Create better YouTube thumbnails
  • Use the power of words to generate more sales
  • Create better YouTube Video Descriptions
benefits of copywriting

What Does a Copywriter Do?

Once I asked my dumb friend, John "Do you know what a copywriter does? " ( Psssst! his real name isn't john its something else, I can't mention his real name because he reads my blog too)

His answer was, " Ha! everyone knows it- C-O-P-Y-W-R-I-T-E-R are those who do some legal work".

Then I told him that I wasn't talking about "copyright". I was taking about "copywriting".

He told me, " Dhabal, you are a dumb guy-there is only one meaning to it and both the words are same."

My reaction-

copywriting memes

This was the main reason why I am writing this blog post. To teach all the 'JOHNS' out there about copywriting .

Remember--Copywriting has nothing to do with copyright law.

A copywriter mostly spends his/her time writing and researching. A copywriter understands the emotions of his/her readers.

A copywriter is always present there where his/her audience hangs out.

Words may be the weapon for copywriters, but that doesn't means copywriters always are writing. They have to do a lot of research and thinking, modifying and even formatting.

" People Don't Buy Products, They Buy Emotions."
-Dan Lok

So you as a copywriter have to learn more about your audience. That way you can connect with them and solve their problem.

What Skills Does a Copywriter Require?

Here is some good news! You don't need any formal qualifications for being a copywriter. However, having some of the skills below will make it much easier for you to create a successful copy.

  • English Language Skills
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sentence structure
  • Storytelling
  • Knowing Your Audience
  • Persuasion
  • Business Skills
  • Improving SEO

Let's be frank: becoming a good copywriter takes time. But as I always say,"Rome wasn't built in a day."

You can use this skill to become a great content writer, freelance copywriter or even start your own business.

Don't worry we will discuss it in the coming chapters.

copywriting research

How To Do Customer Research?

Studying and researching your target audience is the most essential thing.

That's Ok. But, 'where am I going to find my targeted audience ?' This is what you are thinking right now.

Just think where does your audience love to hang out ? No, I am not talking about bars and parks. I am saying, " Where does your audience love to hang out ONLINE?" Don't worry! The answer is simple but a lengthy one .

Generally people hangout online in the following places:

  • Facebook Groups
  • E commerce Platforms ( Amazon,Ebay.....etc.)
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Surveys
  • Online Course Platforms ( Udemy, Skillshare.......etc.)

Facebook Groups

If you want to know what your customer thinks then the first place to visit is a facebook group.

Let's say I want to know more about my 'copywriting' audience . Then I will open facebook and search ' COPYWRITING Groups' .


Now, start joining those groups. See what people are sharing and commenting on the posts. Here is an example :

fb group copywriting

This will show you the problems people are facing .

Now start thinking how your product/service can help them in solving their problems. Create a copy highlighting their problems and their solutions.

Frame your copy in such a way as if you in person are interacting with the reader.

Well we will discuss this in the coming chapters.

E-Commerce Platforms

You must be there where your people are! Yes, even if they are in the U.S, U.K, Canada, India or in any part of the world.

Wait!!! I am not telling to be there physically. Reach there virtually with the help of internet. People love shopping and they go to malls weekly or even once a month.

BUT nowadays people love shopping online. According to a survey about an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchase goods online.

The biggest marketplace is amazon.
So let me show you how to find your targeted audience from it.

Just go to amazon----> Search your topic/niche-----> Then browse the best selling product and see what people are writing about it in the review section.

For Example- I wanted to create a book on Copywriting. So I searched 'copywriting books' on amazon.

this is what i got

This is what I got. I then clicked on one of the books and went to their review section. Here is what I found.


So I got some ideas why that person didn't like this book because it was outdated, basic information.

Similarly, I stumbled upon some other copywriting books review:


This gave me the idea that readers don't like someone bragging, they want the content to be straight to the point.

Also before creating my cyber security course I researched through many security book reviews . (You guys don't know--Well I am also a cyber security analyst)


This review showed me that people love in-depth content. Now these words were just added to my killer copy and also helped me create a better course.

Well, if you sell fountain pens then here are a chunk of words you found for your copy:


See, this is an excellent marketing book review. Here you will find tonnes of words and sentences for your copy.


Twitter is another great place to know more about your audience.

Log in to your twitter account--> Search your topic--> Go through the comments of the top and latest posts.



If you want to know what your audience talks about on internet then one of the best place is reddit.

You can find reddit threads related to your content. For example ours is copywriting.


Generally, people are skeptical before buying a course, so they ask questions on reddit to get some help in their buying decision.

copywriting on reddit

You can use the above underlined words to create a killer sales copy and also implement the given points in your product to make it better.


This is another amazing platform where people ask questions.

Visit quora--> Log in to your account--> Search your topic


My target audience is copywriting so I searched "copywriting". Now here you will get many questions regarding it.

quora copywriting course

Go spend some time on the platform, see what people are discussing . You can also contribute and tell people about yourself and your upcoming product, how it can help them.

But, please don't spam!


Well, this option is for people who have some money to spend or the people who already have an audience (email list).

But here is the GOOD NEWS! I will tell you a FREE way by which you can also use this method of customer research too.

So there are numerous survey tools out there like Sogosurvey, Survey Monkey, Typeform, Zoho Survey etc.

Some are PAID and some are FREE.

First you need to create a survey and then send it to your email list or advertise it on different websites. (METHOD IS FOR RICH PEOPLE)

But for a complete beginner like you-- I have something special. My method which I developed during my initial days. The good news is this method doesn't require any investment nor does it require a mailing list.

Now you look happy, after reading the above sentence.

Well, who doesn't like FREE stuff!

funny copywriting

So first visit google forms --> Click on Personal "Go to google forms" --> Click "Start a new form"

I generally create a survey before creating a digital product like an online course. So I ask these following questions--

  • Why do you want to learn "XYZ TOPIC?"
  • What problems do you face in "XYZ TOPIC?"
  • If you want a course then which topics must be covered in it ?
  • Name & Email (Obviously this is the main info to collect)

Now after creating your beautiful form you need RESPONSES. This is where my strategy comes into action.

Let's take an example--You want to create a course on copywriting and you have completed the above steps i.e created the form. Now it is time to try out the strategy--Go to facebook and search copywriting and join all the groups, go to quora and answer questions regarding copywriting. At the last of every answer in quora put your link and ask people to just try out this 2 minute survey. Also share your link in those facebook groups.

This might be a time taking process but trust me! I collected 583 Emails in just 2 days.

But please do provide value in those groups and also on quora otherwise people won't convert and report you!

I before creating my copywriting article sent my audience a survey. Here are a few response I got:


About 55% of responses were on copywriting. So I created this step-by-step guide to teach you about copywriting in detail.

You won't believe but I earned $1500 my first day launching the cyber security course simply by just sending an email to my mailing list.

That's the power of Copywriting and Email marketing.

I know you are interested in email marketing. Don't worry we'll discuss email marketing in some other blog post.

Online Course Platforms

There are numerous online course platforms like udemy, skillshare etc.
But we'll only use udemy here. (This method is optional as it only helps in courses and creating digital products)

Visit Udemy --> Search your topic "Copywriting" --> Click on the top selling courses --> Read negative reviews first to know why the targeted audience didn't like the course.............

Here are a few examples:

copywriting udemy

Analyse these reviews as this will help you in creating a better product and also a better sales copy.

chapter 3

As Abrahm Lincoln once said: 'If I'm given six hours to chop down a tree, I'll spend four hours sharpening the axe.'

Similarly, you should allocate your time in the same way.

By allocating your time means, you should ask these 7 most important questions to yourself before writing a copy.

It's a simple method used by copywriters to create a sterling copy.

I call this method--THE 7 WAY COPYWRITERS METHOD

It's a fancy name given by the great great copywriter " Dhabaleshwar Das " himself.


Ok, so now let's look at those questions:

QUESTION 1- Who am I writing to? Who is my target audience?

Knowing who you’re talking to before you start writing is the most crucial thing. Create an image of that person in your mind who you want to visit your website/blog.

I call him an AVATAR.

Whatever you write should be aimed at that ideal customer (AVATAR).

QUESTION 2- What do you want your audience to think about your brand? What does your audience know about your brand?

Discover those important things what your core audience wants to know about you/ your website/ product/ service/ company.

Give them a clear idea about your brand in simple terms. Don't confuse them with too much information.

QUESTION 3- What is the #1 thing you want people to do when they visit your site? What action do you want your reader to take?

Do you want them to buy your book (product)? Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter? Do you want them to follow you on social media? Do you want them to join you for a cause?............And a lot of other things.

This process is known as CTA or "call-to-action" .

Give your audience a short and clear message.

Here is an example of oberlo's mailing template:

oberlo copywriting

It gives a short & simple message.

QUESTION 4- Have you included the words or phrases that your audience uses to search for a website like yours?

This is also known as SEO Copywriting. By adding those keywords that your audience searches, this will guide them to your site.

This simply means writing for people and optimizing for Google.

QUESTION 5- Have you visited other websites similar to yours?

Researching your competitors will give you the idea what your audience anticipates from you.

This also sets you apart as most of the people never research their competitors.

Here is a CASE STUDY on the importance of competitor research:

One of our clients was a hotel in Chennai. Chennai is a state in India. The manager of that hotel is a good friend of mine. He told me that " Dhabal, you know there are many hotels in Chennai also..............we are new in this field............... so in order to create a brand in the hotel business we created a website, we created ads, surveys but couldn't get people to notice us."

He added, " Several of our competitors have websites but not as good as ours we have the best website still people aren't booking from us".

When I visited their website------ I was shocked!
They had the best design I ever had seen but then I went to their competitors website. They had a very simple website but still then their conversion rate was much higher.

After spending a few hours analyzing all these websites..........
I said---Gotcha!

I then called them and explained that one thing they were doing wrong.................We did it right the next day!

And within 2 months the traffic boosted to over 200% most of them were from word of mouth. Earlier the conversions were 1.2% and now 8.7% .

I know you all want to know what was their small mistake that cost them a fortune.

They used this sentence:
"This CHEAP hotel is the perfect place for your vacations"
Their competitors used this sentence:
"This AFFORDABLE hotel is the perfect place for your........"

I want you to just focus on that single word in each sentence, "CHEAP" and "AFFORDABLE".

Now this is copywriting. Cheap sounds really bad whereas affordable sounds much better---However, both of these words convey the same message.

The hotel did a great job of investing time on their website design but they forgot to spend some to research their competitors.


QUESTION 6- What is unique about your website/brand/service?

After checking your competition you must then think what's unique about your brand.

Try to search and find out as this is what sets you apart from them.

QUESTION 7- How will you rate your copy on a scale of 1-10?

This 7th step is applicable after you have written your copy. It's time to give some ratings.

So, how will you rate your copy on a scale of 1-10 ?

If you rate it in the range of 1-4 : This means your copy needs a lot more improvement before publishing. So step back figure out the problems and recreate it.....................But still if your copy remains in the same range then prefer to hire a professional.

Don't worry !! Copywriting takes time ..............Slowly, Slowly you will start learning. As someone said, "Every master was once a disaster".

If you rate it in the range of 5-7: Congratulations You have reached there! You just need a little push to take you to the right direction. Learn more, practice more and educate yourself more about copywriting.

If you rate it in the range of 8-10: Gear yourself up and start counting the sales!


After learning the 7 Way Copywriters Method, it's time to learn some advanced copywriting strategies that will help you improve your writing skills and persuade your readers.

Be Specific

The #1 thing required to create a killer copy is being as specific as possible. Generally beginner copywriters make general claims about their product but professionals create a copy as specific as possible.

General claims are too easy to be believed by the people.

Most of the people won't believe this to be true and can clearly tell it's a SCAM!!

Whereas, if you give them a proper explanation about how this works, how the readers of this book are earning money. How this book saved their time and is helping them live their dream lifestyle.

Leverage the power of testimonials. Testimonials provide credibility and urges your reader to convert into a customer.

Words from a customer’s mouth are much more trustworthy than a similar statement from a business owner.

Because a customer wants to listen from a customer.

That's why people love reading reviews of movies, products, service because no one wants to waste their precious time and money on a bad product/movie/book etc.

These principles will help you in increasing your conversion rates.

The Slippery Slide Strategy

Creating a copy that compels your reader to read till the end.
Legendary copywriter Joseph Sugarman named this as the----Slippery Slide.

slippery slide strategy joe sugarman
slippery slide

This rule starts with the headline. You need to first write a compelling headline so that the reader is interested in reading the second one and........ so on till the last.

Don't worry we will soon learn how to create a great headline in the coming chapters.

While writing always put yourself in reader's shoes. Think, "Will the reader be bored at this point? Is this sentence necessary? Am I going to lose him at this point?"

Here is a great example of this type of copy. Dan Lok is a million dollar copywriter . This is the sales page of one of his training programmes.

dan lok

You can see the perfect use of slippery slide strategy .

FREE word attracts the reader and he keeps reading on and on ...............each sentence makes it more interesting.

That’s exactly how you should write your headlines and copy. You want your readers to go on and learn more about what you’re offering.


Most copywriters never use the million dollar tool called "storytelling" in their copy.

Maximum number of copywriters use fear as a way to scare audience to buy their product.

Here's an example:

copywriting advertisement

This results in the lack of trust and as a result people will stop buying from you.

But if you use storytelling, then you paint pictures in your customers mind .

According to a research, the best way to connect a stranger with another stranger is a story.

A Spanish study revealed, words don’t just paint pictures; they create immersive experiences.

The conclusion is, "We feel stories".

What does all this data tell us as marketers?

It’s neurologically impossible to resist the persuasive power of a well-told tale.

I always prove something by a practical example. So here it is:

Remember, Joseph Sugarman........Slippery slide.........

Yes! he is the same guy that I mentioned a few minutes ago.

He sold about 100K pairs of sunglasses using this principle with just an advertisement on a newspaper.


He used the same method i.e story telling : You see the result!

The Full Advertisement is :

joe sugarman copywriting ad sunglasses
copywriting ad joe sugarman

chapter 5

Research reveals that about 93% of customers look at the visual appearance while buying .

Another analysis from the Institute for Color Research states that, " People make a subconscious judgment about a product, environment, or person within 90 seconds of initial viewing out of which 62% to 90% of that assessment is based on color alone."

Look at the infographic below:


Do you know why most ads fail?

That's because of poor design and color selection.

Ok, let me show you an example:

My friend spent $70 on this instagram post ad.
He made
$147 from it.

ROI - $77


My friend showed me this ad and proudly told me, " Dhabal I made $147 in a single day from this ad, see I created it myself."

Hey! I know what you are thinking --- THIS IS THE WORST AD EVER!!!!

Well don't worry I won't tell him anything.

The reality is, YES this ad has a very bad design, the colors don't match at all even the fonts used weren't good enough.

But the only thing I admired my friend was the tagline, "Buy this watch for your loved ones." I guess those three sales he did was because of this line otherwise I don't see anyone paying a dime for this ad.

I told all these things to him...................

Do you know what his reaction was ?


I then said, "Calm down buddy!"
'Let's figure it out'

A week later I recreated that same ad........

We then posted it on the same influencer page.

We spent the same amount i.e $70 for the shoutout.

BUT............WE generated $706..........Can you believe it?.........

ROI - $636


Aha! exclaimed my friend!!!!! Your sagacity is stunning!
'I will Xerox everything you say and I now understood the areas where I need to improve.'

My expression:

bless you

I know this ad isn't of god level instead it's a simple ad with a clear message.

Let's compare these ads:

The ad which I created had a simple design with a SHORT and CLEAR message that was COMPLETELY visible.

A SHORT & AWESOME tagline.

The ad clearly mentioned that the buyer is getting a discount of 50% if he buys NOW.

Also the ad mentioned about the FREE SHIPPING offer.

These all things ultimately increased the conversion rate of this ad.

Now let's discuss about the colors. Each and every color has a specific attribute associated with it.


Red symbolizes:

  • Strength
  • Passion
  • Hunger
  • Violent
  • Impulsive
  • Powerful

How is it helpful in sales?

It triggers action. If your beautiful website design has already convinced the user to buy the product then the 'red buy now' button would be perfect.

RED is an impulsive color so in order to draw our audience attention I used red in the word 'SORRY'.


Blue symbolizes:

  • Serene
  • Stable
  • Safe
  • Moderate

How is it helpful in sales?

Blue is another popular color. Blue is helpful when you want people to think of safety and security. Blue increases the chances of conversion. Each and every sales page use a percentage of blue color.

Just think what color is PayPal?????................BLUE!

That's why I used blue on that ad.


Purple symbolizes:

  • Royal
  • Wealth
  • Power
  • Luxury

How is it helpful in sales?

Purple is a bright color used for branding. It is mostly used in sites with a lot of white and black color in it. It is a standout color.


Black symbolizes:

  • Formal
  • Strong
  • Dignified
  • Fearsome

How is it helpful in sales?

Well, black color isn't a good choice for conversions. But if you are using black in background then use white color in text with it. If you are using light color as background then you can use black color in the text or button.

Even our blog has a black and white interface.

It is generally used in high-end luxury brand with a male oriented audience.

I used black with white because it was looking good. Simple!


Orange symbolizes:

  • Fresh
  • Warm
  • Exotic
  • Healthy

How is it helpful in sales?

Orange is a bright and bold color. Orange is used in many websites where it is used for buy buttons, call to actions.

Orange fits best for clean and simple looking websites.

Neil Patel, a well known marketer has branded his whole site with orange color.

Orange is a color people feel positive about whether it be men or women.


Green symbolizes:

  • Natural
  • Organic
  • Youthful
  • Economical

How is it helpful in sales?

Now comes our healthy superhero 'GREEN'. This color simply points towards environment. Green is mostly used by business having products related to environment & nature.

Green color is mostly used in "add to cart" button.
Green & Red add-to-cart button has the highest CTA (Call to action).



You have completed writing your copy. Now what?

Well, now it's time to create an amazing headline.

Why is headline so important?

If you want your blog post or copy to perform well then you need an eye catching magnetic headline.

Here's what a research from copyblogger has to say, "On an average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. "

This is why your headline determines the effectiveness of the entire piece of content.

This is the most important topic in this whole guide and to explain it just in this blog post is extremely difficult for me that's why I created a FREE Copywriting e-book dedicated to headline creation only which you will get at the end of this article.

So, here are the steps you need to follow to create a better headline:

Step #1 Identify the type of headline

There are many types of headlines so identifying which one is needed will help you in creating a better one.


Goes straight to the heart of the matter without any attempt at cleverness. In short a straight headline.

Example: " Pure Cotton Dress - 40% OFF "
" FREE SEO Book"


They use curiosity to raise a question in the readers mind which the content shall answer. Well, a double meaning is used.

Example: "Fresh Bait Works Best"

This sentence is not related to fishing but it is related to the second meaning i.e Content writing.


It is the question that the reader might be searching for. The answer to this headline can be a 'yes' or a 'no'.

Example: " Who else wants to earn money online?"
" Do you brush your teeth at night?"


These are self explanatory. It's used during a new product launch.

Example: " Introducing Android 10.0 "


How to headlines for getting the perfect targeted audience.

Example: " How to write headlines that will boost traffic by 200% "
" How to earn $100/day online from YouTube "


As the name suggests it must be a command. The first word should be strong and compelling demanding action.

Example: " Subscribe to Today! "
" Enroll in the latest Computer Course"


This kind of headline is highly effective as it gives social proof that adds great value to the product. It involves taking what someone else has said about you or your product and using their actual words in your headline.

Example: " This Free Copywriting guide helped me when I had no experience," admits Warren Buffet.

Now, that you know what type of headline you want to write........Let's move on to the next step.

Step #2 The 4U Strategy

The copywriting trainers at American Writers & Artists teach the Four U's approach to writing headlines.

Remember - Headlines, Titles, Sub headlines & Bullet Points should always be:

4 u method copywriting


Always be useful to the reader. Show your readers the benefits by your headline. Your headline should focus on helping the reader.

Examples of Useful Headlines: " How to bake chocolate cake without sugar?"


Provide them information with a sense of urgency. An urgent headline makes the reader act fast. Provide a time frame or a deadline in your headline, which can motivate the reader to act before its too late.

Examples of Urgent Headlines: " Copywriting Book Free! TODAY! Only "


Convey the idea to the readers that the main benefit is somehow unique. A unique headline is a surprise. It grabs the attention of the reader.

Examples of Urgent Headlines: " 10 Mistakes you do everyday which is making you poor"


Ultra Specific headlines can be a combination of unique,useful and urgent headlines. Ultra Specific headlines can include numbers, steps and even identify an absolute or complete piece of information.

Examples of Urgent Headlines: " How I increased my blog traffic by 200% in just 2 months"

Remember : Always try to use numbers in your headlines as they double or triple your conversion rates and also makes you look more authentic.

So before writing your headlines make sure your headline is :

  • Useful: how it helps the reader?
  • Urgent: how does it make the reader to act?
  • Unique: how does it surprise the reader?
  • Ultra-Specific: how does it give details to the reader?

Step #3 The 5 Questions Strategy

So now after learning the 4U Strategy next we will learn the five questions strategy.

You must ask these 5 questions when writing your headline:

1- Does your headline offer the reader a reward for reading?

2- What more can you add to your headline to make it more curious and convincing?

3- Does your headline contain a nodding element? (this means does your reader nod his/her head after reading your headline)

4- Does you headline trigger a vigorous actionable emotion the reader already has about the subject?

5- Does your headline add a segment of enthrallment to drive the prospect into opening your copy?

If your headline answers these five questions then we can move forward to the next step.

Step#4 The Competence of 'Because'

The power of because has been studied and documented by Harvard psychology professor Ellen Langer in 1978.

Ellen performed an experiment where she asked to cut in line to use a copy machine.

She tested 3 different ways of asking and recorded the result.

1st WAY

Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the Xerox machine?

Result - 60% said OK.

2nd WAY

Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the Xerox machine because I'm in a rush?

Result - 94% said OK.

Well, we can conclude that giving a reason 'why' boosted the effectiveness of the request immensely.

But, wait here comes the turning point...........

3rd WAY

Excuse me, I have 5 pages. MAy I use the Xerox machine because I have to make some copies?

Result - 93% said OK.

SHOCKED!! aren't you?

Here is the thing, the trigger word ' because ' is so powerful that people didn't seem to matter the reason 'why' provided was something which you can even expect to hear from a small child.

I always tell that I show practical examples and here is one:

" Get this money making E-book for FREE because once I was You "

This exact headline gave me more than 10,000 email subscribers and generated me thousands of dollars.

Start using because in your copy, headline, title to get more conversions.

Step #5 The 4 Must Use Headline Formulas

You can call them templates or sentences that have already been proven to make sales and increase conversions.

1- The Secret of __________________________

Example: The secrets of a successful blog.

2- Here is a method that is helping ________to _________

Example: Here is an app that is helping students make money online.

3- Who else wants _________________________ ?

Example: Who else wants a sugar free chocolate cake ?

4- What everybody ought to know about ________________?

Example: What everybody ought to know about copywriting ?

5- Little known ways to __________________

Example: Little known ways to grow your muscles quickly.

Step #6 Hemingway's 3 Tips

First, let me brief you about Ernest Hemingway.

Ernest Hemingway was an american journalist, novelist and a short-story writer. Hemingway produced most of his work between the mid-1920s and the mid-1950s, and he won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954. He published seven novels, six short-story collections, and two nonfiction works

Now I guess you know why I included his tips in our list.

Hemingway's top 3 tips for writing well are as follows:

1- Use Short Sentences

Using short sentences makes your copy more interesting and also the readers don't feel bored.

You can see the practical example of it on our blog. My blog posts contains very short paragraphs i.e 3-4 line per paragraph.

Hemingway demonstrated this when he was challenged to tell an entire story in only 6 words...........

FOR SALE: Baby Shoes, Never Worn

2- Use Vigorous English

Using vigorous English makes you look more focused and ardent. Make a reader feel your energy and enthusiasm.

People can clearly understand your nature and your passion for the subject. This in turn will convert your readers to fans.

3- Be Positive & Not Negative

"If a person says a glass is half full and another says a glass is half empty" both are correct.

The only thing that matters is the mindset of that person---The one who said 'Half empty' has a negative mindset whereas the one who said 'Half full' has a positive one.

Similarly this applies to Copywriting.

Instead of saying "inexpensive" say "economical."

Instead of saying "cheap" say "affordable."

Instead of saying "this process is painful" say "this process will cause little discomfort"

So these were the six steps of writing a headline!

I know I have bored you a lot.

Don't worry the next chapter has a lot of practical examples for you to learn.


So finally the most awaited section of this whole guide. The practical examples section.

I know all of us love examples as we learn the most from them.

Let's now look at some of the most converting ads:

gold ad copywriting

This ad has a curiosity element in its headline- "........Until you read this"


This ad has the same curious element- "......Do this now"


This ad contains a sense of urgency and curiousity-" ..... This week only + Simple Formula + Benefit (Beat some of world's best........)"


This ad also contains an urgency in its title.


This is what we call a perfect ad. This has all the items needed to make it a killer ad. It has the best headline that makes the person read the next sentence and the next and goes on till the ad ends.

A practical example of slippery slide strategy.

This is an ultra specific ad also the numbers are mentioned put it focuses more on benefit than feature. Plus it has the most important thing "greed" that promises of doubling the money.


This ad is a great example of curiosity and greed.

ad copywriting

This ad has a great design and also good color choice. The ad combines 2 emotions 'Greed' and 'urgent' .


This ad highlights the word 'secret' which automatically boosts the conversions. It highlights the curiosity factor.

youtube copywriting

So you can see copywriting is used everywhere even on Youtube. The first video got the most views than the second one and even in less amount of time.......

Do you know.... Why?

The first video title and thumbnail are ultra specific + Greedy + Good Design than the second one.

Ultra Specific- Explains that by just doing simple copy and paste videos we can make money.

Greedy- We can earn money online.

Good Design- The first one has Red background....Red color attracts the most and has the highest CTR.

Congratulations! You have finally completed the guide.

Now it's time for you to start practicing on your blog/copy. If you don't have a blog then read this.

Which tip you found to be the most useful one and how will it help you reach your goal. Please brief me by leaving a comment below.

All the best my future copywriters.

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