How To Start A Blog

The biggest decision in my life I made was learning how to start a blog.

If you are reading this post maybe any of this could be the reason:

  • Frustrated by your 9-5 jobs
  • Want financial freedom
  • Fed up with early morning alarms
  • Trying to discover who you really are
  • Instead of working for them and making
    them rich, work for yourself

Over these years I have been doing experiments and trying to see what works best in starting a blog. Yes, I have failed several times but discovered various great things that I will share with you guys in this free guide.

Now I have various blogs in different niches ---some are in the health niche, some are in the education niche and even some are in the survival niche . All these blogs are getting some great amount of traffic and I am cashing thousands of dollars per month in my bank account.

But my purpose here is not just to boat about me but to help you.

I wrote this free guide/tutorial to help you learn how to create a blog as a beginner or  without having any coding skills and even you don’t need to pay a web developer some hard cash to do it for you.

If you are thinking of starting a blog later then stop your procrastination and Start Now.

"Do it now. Sometimes ‘later’ becomes ‘never.’ "

Disclosure: As I am a transparent marketer I won’t hide anything from you.
I am an affiliate for Bluehost. This means I will receive a small commission if you sign up through my affiliate link. This is at no additional cost for you, and it helps me continue to offer FREE gifts and content on our site. In fact Bluehost has given us a special 50% DISCOUNT off the normal price just for our readers!

You can now set up your blog for as low as $3.95/month, and it also comes with a FREE domain name!

It is not possible for you to create a blog while reading this post. So make sure to save/pin/bookmark this page.

Here is an overview of the steps to create a successful blog:
Step 1. Choose Your Blog Topic
Step 2.  Build Your Blog
Step 3. Best Examples Of Creativity In Blog Design
Step 4. Selecting a WordPress Theme For Your Blog
Step 5. Installing Essential  WordPress Plugins For Your Blog
Step 6. Writing Our First Blog Post
Step 7. Getting Traffic To Your Blog
Step 8. How To Earn Money From Your Blog
Step 9. Joining Our Community
Step 10- Some FREE Bonus Material For All My Beautiful Readers

This is not at all rocket science. It's simple.

You can do it!

How To Start A Blog In Under 1 Hour (10 Steps)

Step 1. Choose Your Blog Topic

You don’t have to be Einstein in choosing a blog topic that makes some serious amount of money.

I personally love health & fitness, personal development, yoga, survival & education niches (topics).Our blogs in these niches makes thousands of dollars per month.

Some of the top blogging topics/niches that are the best in making money are:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Parenting Blog
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Recipes
  • Dating/Relationship
  • Education
  • Personal Development
  • Tech
  • DIY and Crafts
  • Personal Finance
  • Passive Income/Make money Online
  • Sewing
  • Frugal Living
  • Home Décor
  • Specific Diets (Keto , Atkins, Zone, Vegan etc.)
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Viral Trends
  • Personal Development
  • Marketing
  • Food

Now, you have a list of topics to choose from. You can pick two or more topics and then choose one out of it. I can understand many of you want to blog in multiple niches but let me advise you, as a beginner you must first try out with a single blog in a particular niche to see if it works for you rather than spending money on multiple blogs in different niches you don’t like.

Finally, you have completed the first step, don’t over think too much .You can decide your blog name later. The most important thing is to keep moving after you START.

Step 2. Build Your Blog

To build your blog you will need 3 things

  • A Blogging Platform- This is the place where you will write and edit your blog posts. (Examples are WordPress, Blogger etc.)
  • A Domain Name-This would be the url or the web address  of the site.
    (Like mine is-
  • Web Hosting- This would be the server where you can store your blog files and keep it online for others to browse and read at all times.  In simple terms,  You would be buying a space on the internet for your new blog to be set up. ( Example are Bluehost, Namecheap etc.)

And with a few clicks we can setup all these things. I hope you know how to set up all these things, so I am not going to explain it.

LOL!! You got SHOCKED!!  I was joking guys. I will explain each and everything as promised. (I would have loved to watch your face when you were shocked !

Ok, no more sarcasm with my readers. Well, the blogging platform that we will use is WordPress with the hosting company Bluehost as this is the finest combo for a newbie blogger.

bluehost and wordpress couples- how to start a blog

WordPress and Bluehost are are the perfect couples for all blogging beginners because:

  • WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. This platform is used by 95% successful bloggers and more than 30% of all websites on internet are powered by WordPress.
  • You get a FREE domain name for a year included with your purchase of Bluehost hosting plan.
  • Bluehost is the perfect starter for a newbie and they also have FREE 24/7 customer support.
  • They are perfectly integrated with one another and this makes the setup easier.
  • Even Bluehost provides a FREE SSL and 30 Day money back guarantee.

Now some work for you, Click here to go to Bluehost and then use the tutorial below for step-by-step directions. (Clicking that link is how you get the 50% OFF Discount).

Now after clicking on the link you would be presented with a page like this.

bluehost- start a blog in 2019


Simply click on the “Get Started" button on the homepage. Then you’ll see a list of pricing options.

hosting price

Now choose the plan that you think will work best for you. No worries- As you are a newbie the best plan would be the BASIC PLAN.

So after selecting your Basic Plan now you will have to choose your domain name as shown below:

set up domain

Unlike many other profit-centred web hosts  who charge upto $14.99/year for a new domain, Bluehost gives new customers a FREE domain name for the entire first year of their web hosting service.

A domain name is the text on the top of the webpage i.e on the address bar. So “” is our domain name for this website.

If you are serious about building a personal brand or a strong online presence, you’ll want to get a domain name with a .com, .net or .org extension.

So at last you found a domain name. Congrats!!!!

“The domain “” is unavailable” and some of you got this message too. Don’t worry if your favourite domain name has been taken by someone else, spend a few hours with friends and family brainstorming ideas. Think with a calm mind, experiment with different words and try different variations to find the best and brandable domain name for your new site/blog.

After that you will need to fill out the “create your account” page:

how to build a blog - account information bluehost

Now fill all your account details then scroll down to the section for selecting the package information.

package information-bluehost

First of all select the account plan in the package information section (The account plan is the length of your plan). If you are serious about building a brand then select the 36 months plan i.e the default plan because it gives the best value for your money otherwise you can go for the 12 months  plan too. It’s great as well.

Please Note:

  • You can cancel your plan anytime during the first 30 Days- Bluehost offers its customers a 30 day risk free money back guarantee where you can cancel your plan anytime during the first 30 days and get a full refund.
  • Signing to a longer plan means you are giving some time for your blog to grow- Blogging is not an overnight process but it is a beautiful journey. So if you’re signing for a long term blogging plan that means you are making a commitment with your blog and yourself. As you have signed up for a longer duration that means you are giving some time for your blog to grow. As,  it takes years for a small plant to grow into a big and strong tree similarly a blog needs some time to grow and we have to spray droplets of hard work and efforts on it.

After selecting your package information it’s time for you to scroll down to the package extras section.

Uncheck all boxes except the “Domain Privacy Protection” it should look like this:

package extras and payment information bluehost for creating blog

Now the single question in your mind would be “Why did we select the Domain Privacy Protection option only ? ”

Ok, so let me answer it, the domain privacy protection hides your details so that your information remains confidential. Unless you want hackers to hack into your site - you want this checked!  See the example below to understand:

domain privacy protection bluehost in blogging

Finally, you have to add your credit card details check the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and hit the green SUBMIT button!

payment information bluehost submit

CONGRATULATIONS!  You Did It!  You have your own blog NOW!!

Wasn’t that easy????

The next few steps will direct you to create a password for your account. Please set a strong password.

bluehost password select

After setting your password then click “login” button. This will then direct you to select a WordPress Theme for your website.

The WordPress Setup

You can now select any theme from the options you will get on the page all of them are FREE!

One Suggestion From My Side: If you are thinking of going for a paid theme then my advice is a big “NO”.  I always believe that “ Content is the King” and it is more important to look at other factors like writing articles, keyword research etc. rather than looking for paid themes. We have Great FREE themes as well. Paid themes are beautiful but spending too much time and money on these things won’t yield Good results as a beginner. But if you have a big budget you can go for it.

theme setup bluehost

Just pick any random theme “No Worries” you can change it anytime. We’ll tell you how in a few moments.

After selecting your favourite theme set up your Wordpress  dashboard it generally takes a few minutes. Once finished click “Start Building” to go to your WordPress dashboard.

So, now click on the “Personal” button as shown below. If you had already clicked on the business button, don’t worry. It doesn’t matter.

wordpress bluehost

Next you’ll be asked to setup The Site Title and Site Description. This could be what your blog is about, if you aren’t sure then you can skip this step and set it up later.

This is what it will look like:

launch your site bluehost in blog 2019

 After this step, it will ask you if you would like to update your blog with new content. Of course, you will ! Select Yes.

From there you will be asked to select whether you want your homepage to display recent posts or be a static homepage. Some of my sites are set-up on recent posts and some have a static page. You can select either, but a static page looks more appealing so we will select the second option.

Well, you can change this setting whenever you want so don’t be anxious.

static  or recent homepage

After selecting the homepage design then it will ask you if you would like to set up a “Contact Page”.But this time we are going to select “NO” because you can set that up later. (There are some great plugins that will help you in doing that). It shouldn’t be a top priority right now.

Now you need to click on the “Connect to WordPress” button. Next you will be directed to create an account for Jetpack.

The question that now arises in your mind is,”Why do we need Jetpack?”

JetPack is a software that connects with your WordPress blog to provide you with information on the visitors to your website as well as additional plugins that allow you to make customizations on your site.You can also use google analytics for providing you the information and demographics about your site and visitors. But why work so Hard when we HAVE Jetpack.

The best think here is you can create your account totally FREE!

You can create a new account by entering in your information or by signing through your Google account:

jetpack signin

After creating your account, then it will ask you to fill your address information. You can just select “Skip step” for now.

Before moving to the next step, login to your email/Gmail account that you used to signup so that you can verify your address with Bluehost. You need to verify as soon as possible so that you can access your Bluehost dashboard.

Just click the green button on your email to verify:

verify your email bluehost signup

Now before we go any further, I can feel the boredom in your fingers as you are scrolling down too aggressively and thinking, ‘When is this gonna end ?’

You will get an answer to your question soon and by the time you get this answer you would have created your own world while drinking a coffee. Yes, your own blog and you would be a blogger!

So, a small one liner, “ You don’t need a parachute to go skydiving . You need a parachute to go sky diving twice.”  I hope, this made you laugh and if you didn’t  that means you have a weak vocabulary. Oops! I think I made you more aggressive.

Wait, before we start designing and customizing, we want to show you how to access your Bluehost account and WordPress dashboard if in case you need to stop and start anytime in future.

Accessing WordPress through Bluehost

There are several ways to log in to your WordPress dashboard and access your beautiful blog. Out of all these ways the most effective and easy way is through .

So, first visit then, log in using the email and password you created in the setup above.

Now you can click on the Log in to WordPress button.

login wordpress

Step 3. Best Examples Of Creativity In Blog Design

This step is created to give you an overview of some common blog design examples so you can get a few ideas to make your blog more attractive and appealing to your visitors before you start designing it.

There are mainly 3 types of blog designs:-

2-Personal/Influencer Based
3-Mix of Content & Personal Based

You can choose whichever type you like. By the way is a Personal/Influencer Based blog.

1- Content Based

Copyblogger has its own unique blog design and when you visit the blog, Brian’s (creator of copyblogger) face is not the first thing that is visible. We see many articles on its homepage that proves the content based design of the blog.


2- Personal Based

The homepage of these kinds of blogs have the influencer himself with his achievements (the websites in which he has been featured i.e Forbes, Huffpost etc.) Even our blog ( has the same kind of design. Here is the example of my favourite blog Backlinko.


3- Mix of Content and Influencer Based

These types of blogs have homepages that are split between recent posts and a section about the creator.

how to start a blog

This type of design is best suited for beginners in blogging, as you would be posting a lot of articles and also displaying the “About Me” section in the sidebar that ultimately, will help you in building more trust with your readers.

Now don’t over think just pick up a style and start blogging. The truth is you will change your blog’s design many times during your blogging career as you progress with time.

Step 4. Selecting a WordPress Theme For Your Blog

A theme is a software that allows you to design and customize your blog.

Please pay close attention, as this step is the most important step out of all other steps because:

i) Most Bloggers who have zero coding experience get frustrated .

ii) Beginners waste a lot of time in this step.

iii) Max. number of bloggers keep switching themes. (I know a person who bought 25 paid themes and kept switching to a new theme  every day, he was frustrated and  at last and left blogging telling everyone that “Blogging is a waste of time, You can’t earn money from it…….Blah…..Blah” )

Let me tell you a real incident that occurred in 2016, some of my students who started blogging earned their first $100 in just 2 months of blogging and a few started earning in their 4th-6th month. When I analyzed their situation I came to a conclusion that ‘the students who earned $100 in their first 2 months of blogging were more focussed on writing articles than on their blog design’ that doesn’t mean that their blog design was pathetic it was good but their content was excellent. Now the second group students ‘who earned in their 4th-6th month focussed more on blog design than writing articles’ their blog design was excellent but they didn’t have had enough content.

So what did you learn ?

Time Flies! Never waste it on switching themes, just pick up a theme and start blogging. You can change your blog theme later in future when you feel the need of doing it.

Another problem that newbie bloggers face is, ‘ Understanding how the system works? ’ this is probably the most confusing part for bloggers who don’t have a coding background. But you don’t worry! your brother Dhabal will help you out in creating beautiful websites (Without coding).

So let’s learn the ins and outs of WordPress that will help you in creating you own unique, attractive, pleasing, alluring, elegant,  pretty, beautiful & charming blog.

WordPress Step 1: Using FREE WordPress Themes

Free themes are a great way to start your blog as a newbie blogger, but we all know that ‘Nothing in this world is FREE’.  FREE themes have limited features and they also lack some tools that a paid theme provides you.

If you have an extra $30-$70 to invest, then go for a paid theme. If you don’t have a huge budget then No worries! Go for a FREE one.

When I started blogging back in 2014, I didn’t have had any money to invest in a theme. I simply started and as my health blog (My first blog was in the health niche) started gaining visitors I monetized my blog and started earning money. Then I reinvested a few dollars on my blog’s appearance  i.e. a beautiful theme.  

You can use any one of the free themes, WordPress has preinstalled it under the ‘appearances’ and ‘themes’ tabs. Just put the cursor on the theme you love and click  customize to switch themes.

There are tons of FREE themes. You can check out the list here.
If you are going for PAID themes. Then check out the list here.

My advice is simple:- Start a blog with a small budget and reinvest the money earned from that blog. But if you are an influencer or creating a personal brand then I’ll advice you to go for the premium theme/paid theme.

Important Note:- A lot of bloggers will recommend the Genesis Framework for starting your blog. The real reason for them recommending this is due to the heavy affiliate commission they receive when you purchase the Genesis Framework through their link. Let me tell you Genesis is never ever suitable for beginners. If you are a developer then this theme might be useful otherwise you are pouring your $250  down the drain.

WordPress Step 2: Changing Your WordPress Theme

After purchasing any of your favourite theme will be given a downloaded zipped file of the theme.

Next, just head over to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance --> Themes.

Click on the button to Add New Theme.

At the very top of the next screen—Click ‘Upload Theme’.

upload theme

Now select the zipped file of the theme you downloaded to your computer. Once the theme is uploaded then click on Install & Activate and your job is done!

Step 5. Installing Essential  WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

A plugin is a software add-on that integrates with your WordPress blog and helps you in making customizations and enhances the capabilities of your blog.

In this step, we’ll learn about some basic and free plugins that every blogger needs in the beginning. First, we’ll show you what these plugins are and then we’ll show you how to install them on your blog.

1- Yoast SEO

Yoast Seo is an awesome plugin to create SEO friendly articles and helps in improving search results. It helps users create content that is very useful to users and technically SEO friendly.

yoast seo

2- Jetpack

Jetpack is an all-in-one plugin created by the developers of WordPress themselves. Jetpack takes care of your site security, website performance, traffic growth, website optimization, image SEO and a lot more.


3- W3 Total Cache

This tool is the best when comes in improving website performance. The general idea in caching is to store website data temporarily in the cache so that it loads faster the next time user opens the same page.

4- Social Icons

Social Icons is a free WordPress plugin which provides you an easy way to display popular social media icons on your website.  You can add social media icons to the pages or posts via widgets or shortcodes. The plugin supports over 100 different social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc.

5- Resize Image After Upload

Uploading large images to your site can significantly slow it down. This is why we recommend using ‘Resize Image After Upload’ plugin as it optimizes the image and helps in increasing the speed of your site.

How to Install Plugins on WordPress

There are two different ways to install a plugin:-

i) Search Method
ii) Direct Upload Method

You can use either method but some plugins are not available through the search method and hence can only be uploaded directly.

i) Using Search Method

To upload a plugin using search method then navigate to the plugins on the WordPress dashboard and click the Add New button at the left side of the page.

From there just search for the plugin you are looking for (ex: Woocommerce):

Click the Install Now button, wait for a second and then click  the Activate button.

ii) Using Direct Upload Method

Before uploading the plugin you will have to download the zip file from its website.

To upload a plugin navigate to the plugins tab on the WordPress dashboard and click the  Add New button at the left side of the page. Then click on Upload Plugin.

Install and Activate !

Step 6. Writing Our First Blog Post

So, now coming on to the most prestigious part i.e writing your first blog post.

In my opinion--You must first start by introducing yourself or explaining your readers about your vision for this blog and how this is going to revolutionize the XYZ industry (The niche of your blog).

First, navigate to Posts --> Add New from the left-side WordPress dashboard menu.


Please Note: When you start writing your blog posts, remember to build a personal relationship with your readers by being transparent and polite in your blog posts. Everyone needs feedback for their blogs as they want to improve it. So you too can get it by just concluding with a ‘Thank You’ for giving time to our post and ask them to leave a comment below of what they loved about the post and what they want us to improve.

At last hit the ‘Publish’ button.

After publishing your first blog post share the link with your relatives, friends and family members. You can even join your niche related facebook groups and share it on them.

Step 7. Getting Traffic To Your Blog

This is the most toughest but interesting phase in a blogger’s life.

How to get traffic(readers) to your new blog?
Ssshhh!!.........Come closer, let me tell you a secret-in order to get visitors you need to say something with me----“Come Oh Readers, Come Oh Readers.”
                      “ Read my blog,……..Read my blog.”

And now wait for 2 minutes you will see 250 visitors visiting your blog.

LOL! Nothing happened RIGHT.
Please! Please! don’t get annoyed on me this worked for me and generally this chant works for people who are very very brilliant. Don’t worry if god didn’t make you that smart.

Well, I have something special for you guys--that highly intelligent people like me have created to help you deal with this problem -----Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube etc…….

If you are thinking of getting readers from Facebook then let me tell you ‘ YOU ARE LATE!’ . Nowadays, Facebook is the most competitive social media platform and in order to get traffic from Facebook you will need to think of creating some extraordinary content that will ultimately result in a lot of human eyeballs on you.

The chances for this kind of success is 0.02%..........Yes! I am positive otherwise I would have done it zero.

If you love creating videos then Youtube is your thing. Start creating some great content on Youtube and people will automatically start following you. This way you can leverage Youtube traffic and send it to your blog.

I have multiple Youtube channels in multiple niches but I haven’t revealed my face in any of it. I earn a great amount of income from ads on my videos as well as I send my viewers to my blogs and earn from adsense ads on my blogs.

But now I have decided to start my personal brand and for that I created this blog and soon I would be creating my own Youtube channel and when I do—You would be the first who would be informed.

You are now getting angry!  
Ok, No Worries! I can understand you don’t want to invest your time in creating videos, you want something else, which has the same potential as Youtube but takes less time.

The answer to your question is Pinterest.  My favourite one !
Not only me but Pinterest is loved by every blogger. I had generated thousands of leads from Pinterest and my blogs (mostly in health niche) get about 100,000 page views each month from Pinterest. The best thing I love about Pinterest is ‘People undervalue Pinterest for traffic’ and because of this it is not crowded just like Youtube & Facebook.

Pinterest is the most underrated social media channel for traffic.

There is so much to tell about Pinterest but we will discuss it some other day.

Personal Tip: Mostly bloggers advice you to focus on 5-6 social media channels as they believe that can generate a huge audience. But in reality you get nothing and at last get frustrated. I was in the same place a few years ago when managing my workout blog on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. I was frustrated so I left posting on Google+ and Facebook page, it had a severe impact on my blog but I adjusted it with focussing on Pinterest and in just 2 months I was generating twice the amount of page views than all combined from other platforms. There is a popular saying that “ Jack of all trades, master of none”.  So just focus on only one platform that you feel is the best and you will eventually see an increase in your visitor count.

BTW that “Come Oh Readers……. Come Oh Readers” chant never worked for me. I was just acting a bit smart in front of you guys. So don’t get furious on your little brother.

Step 8. How To Earn Money From Your Blog

The most awaited step—I know 90% of you guys were waiting for this step, you greedy-greedy people……..Just joking! It’s completely natural actually this is a great step in the business world. Every entrepreneur must check first, whether the industry or business he/she is going to enter will make money or not. Similarly as a blogger you must also check whether you can make money blogging or not.

There are a variety of ways by which you can monetize your blog.


Ads are the best for beginners as you don’t have to do much. Just enable ads and whenever a visitor visiting your website clicks on that ad then you get paid. This is the most easiest way to monetise your blog. But it has its own drawbacks- firstly, you generate the least amount of money from ads. Secondly, ads makes your blog look less  professional and the third it people nowadays get irritated if they see too many ads on websites they will simply close your website/blog which in turn will increase your bounce rates. This is a bad signal for Google and it will in turn downgrade your website and as a result you will lose a huge amount of visitors to your website.

There are many ad networks like, Google Adsense, Adthrive, Mediavine (put links in them) etc. But my favourite is Google Adsense. Most of my micro niche websites have adsense enabled on them and I earn a decent amount of money from it.

Personal Advice: If you are building a personal brand then please don’t use ads on your blogs as they make it more unprofessional. But if you are creating a content based blog i.e on a particular niche then you can use ads on them. My new blogs in the workout niche earns $200-$300 per month from google ads. I know a few friends who are earning $6000-$9000 per month from Mediavine and Adsense ads.


Affiliate Marketing

Have you heard about bloggers making $100k-$400k per month from blogging?
If your answer is YES! But you don’t know HOW? Then affiliate marketing is the answer to your question.

Affiliate Marketing is the #1 best way to monetize a new blog.

You might be thinking—Dhabal, first explain What is Affiliate Marketing ?
Well, affiliate marketing is when you sell other people’s product on your website and if someone buys it from your website then you earn a percentage of the purchase price as commission.

Our health & fitness blogs generate much more revenue from affiliate marketing than all our micro niche blogs from ads.

There are many affiliate marketing networks but the best ones are:-

i) Shareasale (links)
ii) ClickBank
iii) Amazon Affiliate

I don’t like amazon affiliate system as amazon gives very low commission on high ticket product sales. But customers trust it the most than other affiliate networks.

Creating Your Own Digital Products

This is another way of making some huge amount of passive income. We are talking about e-books and online courses. This is the way by which most of the bloggers become six-figure bloggers.

But my friend, this is not the best way to for a newbie blogger to earn money. As you don’t know your audience, you have no experience of marketing your product etc.

So, when should you start creating your own digital products?
The answer is quite simple, "When you are confident enough to generate sales.

I know you didn’t get it.
Lets simplify it…….

You should start when you qualify all the conditions mentioned below:-

i) Must have built a following on any one of the social media channels (Around 1K Followers).
ii) Get at least 1.5K page views per day on your blog.
iii) Must know your target audience.
iv) What type of product your audience is interested in.
v) You Must know Copywriting.
vi) Must know how to market your products.
vii) An email list of engaged subscribers.

When I first launched my e-book on keto diet on my health blog in 2016. I kept the price to $4.99 and I shared it on Pinterest, Facebook groups and also to my email subscribers. I even wrote some guest posts and I did it all without spending a dollar. Can you guess the revenue in the first month……. $19.96. What did you think some $10K or what ??

Then the next month we sold around 74 books and our total revenue for that month from these sales were $369.26 . You might be thinking” How did those 30 days made so much difference ? ” Well, let me tell you the guest posts started to rank on google. Our pinterest pins started going viral and as a result we got more targeted visitors which in turn boosted our revenue. We can conclude by saying that we were lucky…………..Also our email subscribers were not so active and we didn’t make much from them.

Remember not to try selling your own products just after creating your blog as you might end up with very less or ‘no’ income and get de-motivated by this.

Step 9. Joining Our Community

Walking on a lonely path may be horrifying but walking with friends on the same path makes it interesting and delightful.

Blogging alone can be difficult. It is full of self-doubt, fear, anxiety, depression etc. I have experienced all kinds of emotions when I started, I had no one to share it with even times when I didn’t get visitors I used to get demotivated. But this would not be the case for you. As you can always get encouragement and learn from others.

A mistake newbie bloggers make when starting out is—they never ask for help and they never feel like connecting to the blogging community.

Here are the steps for getting involved in it---

1- Join Our Facebook Group For Newbie Bloggers

This Facebook group is for every blogger out there. We have recently created this group and have gained a few members who are newbie bloggers and a few expert bloggers too.

So, what is the need to join our Facebook group?
The answer here is pretty simple," In facebook groups we meet different kinds of people, some are experienced in the particular field and some are beginners just like us and do the same mistakes that we are doing. They post on the group about the problems they are facing and the people who know the solution post there.

Personal Tip:- Introduce yourself in the group and be active in it.

Joining our  group doesn’t cost you a penny. It totally FREE!

Now don’t be shy come and Join our community.

the blogging avenue by dhabaleshwar das facebook group

If we would have got this kind of resource when we started out then could have got results much faster.

2- Follow Me On Instagram

You might have heard this from many bloggers/influencers out there to follow them on Instagram, Twitter etc.

Have you ever wondered WHY ?
So let me answer this “why” ----- The reason here is that we bloggers are mostly active on any one social media platform and if you want to ask any question or clear any of your doubts then by following, you can contact us directly through DMs .

Similarly, I am mostly active on my personal Instagram account (that I recently created). You can follow me there and contact me personally through DMs.

Follow ME

instagram iamrealdd

3- Leave A Comment Below About How This Guide Helped You!

This is a small request from my side to leave a comment below so that I could understand, how this tutorial helped you.

At last, you might be confused and sceptical at first but you can always ask for help. But remember to ‘ Never Give Up’.

Step 10- Some FREE Bonus Material For All My Beautiful Readers

Writing a blog post can be simple, but writing an engaging blog post seems to be quite complex.

Writing a blog post that provokes the reader’s interest and keeps their curiosity throughout the entire post requires a skill called ‘COPYWRITING’.

Copywriting in simple words means, “Persuading someone through writing”. It is a crucial skill needed to be a better blogger and for that I created an e-book for you. You can enter your email below and get the e-book worth $29 for FREE!

This e-book is of great importance as it will help you in writing eye catching headlines that will automatically increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) and this in return will help your blog, rank higher on search results.

have a great day.

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